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Wayfair has a range of thousands of different sofas available. Refine your search results by the price, style, brand, fabric, and furniture type. You can also search Wayfair for something that you have found in a brick-and-mortar store and want to purchase at a better price.

There are so many different brands on offer here that there are over 8,000 models to choose from. Purchase furniture from brands including AllModern, Ashley, Lay-Z-Boy, and Serta. In addition to choice, the service allows you to customize your purchase with different fabrics and colors before making a purchase. The most popular choices are gray fabrics and white leathers. The sofas on Wayfair are generally much cheaper than they would be in a physical store.


When choosing a sofa, the product page for the sofa will list the different fabric and color choices that are in stock, along with how many are left in stock. Each combination of colors and fabric can be seen from all angles, and the page will tell you how much more a certain combination will cost. The website for the store includes an Inspiration tab where you can find images of furniture pieces and home décor items that have been paired together with the sofas by professional designers, to give you an idea of what to do with your own furniture.


The Wayfair Custom Upholstery service gives you the option of choosing from the inventory of customizable sofas available, along with the type of fabric and color that you want. There are free fabric swatches that you can order to see what the different options look like in person, in your actual home, before placing an order. The Wayfair website has up-close pictures of the different fabric options, as well as detailed descriptions of important facts such as if the fabric is pet-friendly and child-friendly or flame-retardant.


The details pages for the furniture also have Q&A sections that offer clear answers to questions that have been asked by customers. The majority of the sofas have hundreds, if not thousands, of ratings from customers. This should give you a good idea of how the sofas have worked out for other people. Customers are also encouraged to upload pictures of the furniture they buy and share them in order to showcase what they look like in a real-life situation.


Any sofa that is already in stock and ready to be shipped should arrive within around two weeks of ordering. However, you may need to wait an extra couple of weeks to receive a custom sofa. Wayfair provides free shipping for all orders over $49.


Every sofa that is purchased through Wayfair is eligible to the Wayfair Protection Plan. Though this protection comes at an extra cost, it does cover the couch against damage such as unintentional stains, burns, punctures, and water rings. The damage will be repaired or the couch will be replaced at no additional cost under the Protection Plan.


Sofas purchased from Wayfair do require some assembly, but most customers have reported little to no problem putting the sofas together. They are shipped with clear instructions, which can also be found on the description page of the sofa. Take a look at the instructions and decide if you can handle assembling it or not before making the purchase. If you believe that you would need a pre-assembled sofa, or you need a white-glove service to assemble the sofa for you, then consider West Elm or Crate & Barrel. Both of these can assemble the sofa for you, but beware this may come at a cost.


How to Use Coupon Codes and Promo Links?

Using promo links and online coupon codes when you shop online is just like using coupons cut out of a magazine/newspaper or taking advantage of a sale at a local store. Unlike regular paper coupons, which must be handed over to a cashier, online stores use codes that are entered during checkout. These types of Wayfair discount codes are connected to specific offers and discounts, and the discount is applied to the purchase. How much you can save with a coupon code ranges from saving dollar amounts to getting free shipping and everything in-between.


Where can Shoppers Find Online Coupon Codes?

When these coupon codes first appeared, they weren’t commonly hosted on retailer websites. Rather, they were found on shopping websites that were used to lead a shopper to the online store. These days, most retailers continue hosting their coupon codes on these related websites, but they do have coupons on their own websites occasionally. They also send them out through email newsletters that are sent to customers.


Shoppers can also occasionally find a coupon code for their store of choice after choosing what they want to buy. You can do this by searching for the retailer in question as well as “coupon 20%”. Let’s say that you wanted to purchase a furniture from, for example. You can search “Wayfair coupon 20%” in order to be presented with a whole host of websites that have info about Wayfair promo code 20% off.


What are “Linked” Coupons and How are they Redeemed?

Linked coupons don’t have the actual coupon code needed to redeem the promotion. Rather, they contain a special link that should be followed. Clicking on the link sends you to the online store where you receive the discount automatically after checking out.


How do I Redeem Promo Codes?

Promo codes are redeemed by entering them, and there are a few different places you can enter them depending on which online store you visit. In general, you can apply for example the Wayfair coupon 20% off order from the shopping cart before you check out. Then there are times when you enter the code during the order review page just before checking out. Make sure to look for a place you can enter the Wayfair coupons/promo code and then click “submit” to submit the code before making your purchase.


What if I Can’t See Anywhere to Put the Code?

If you can’t see somewhere to enter the code, check to see if the website has an FAQ section, which is where frequently asked questions are answered. You should be able to access this page through the “Customer Service” or “Help” section of a website. If you still can’t find an answer, then give the customer service department a call and have the customer service representative explain the process for you so you can use your coupon code.


How to Tell if a Coupon Code Worked

Merchants generally have a page that shows you how much you will be charged during the transaction, how much has been discounted thanks to the coupon code you used, and the shipping fees applied to the purchase. This information should be displayed on the order page before you submit the order and approve the charges. If you don’t see your discount on this order review page, then try contacting the customer service department before you complete the transaction.


How to Tell if a “Linked Promotion” Worked

A linked promotion will generally take you straight to the product that is being promoted at the discount price, or to a page that advertises this discount. If it doesn’t, then take a look on the order page to see if the discount has been applied before confirming your purchase.


What to do if a Coupon Code Doesn’t Work

Online stores generally omit the expiration dates for coupon codes so that they can be monitored and they can be changed or discounted as quickly as possible. They also reserve the right to change their offers or discontinue promotions at any time. If your coupon code doesn’t work, then your best bet is to just try a different code.


Can I Redeem an Online Code at a Local Store?

Local stores are under no obligation to honor an online deal, unless it is stated in the promotion that they are. If you were to print out the offer and take it with you to the store, they may choose to honor it out of courtesy. It depends entirely on the store and promotion in question. There’s no harm in asking though.


Can I Redeem More than One Coupon Code at Once for a Double Deal?

Most coupon codes will specify that you can only use one promotion code per transaction or per item purchased. It’s possible to get extra savings by finding a rebate on an item you purchase with a coupon code. Rebates can be found quite easily for computers, electronic devices, home improvement items, and software. If you aren’t able to find an online rebate, then contact the customer service department for the retailer and ask if there are any available for your purchases.